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Frequently Asked Questions about Auto Detailing in Bridgewater,
New Jersey and surrounding areas

What Is Detailing?

  • Detailing in it's truest form is a labor intensive, extensive cleaning and reconditioning of a vehicle's interior and exterior.
  • Each section is worked on until the desired effect is achieved.
  • Known as valeting in Europe.
  • Performed on autos, boats and planes.
  • Detailing usually exists in three forms: Genuine, Custom and Express.

Express Detailing

  • Low-end vehicle clean up usually performed in one to two labor hours.
  • Quick, express, or zip wax applied to exterior and a very quick interior clean up.
  • Does nothing more than slightly improve vehicle's appearance.
  • Offers only about a week or so of protection and mediocre results in and out.
Unfortunately, a lot of “so called” detailers pass off Express Detailing as Genuine Detailing, and deceive the public, damaging the name of Genuine Detailing and the reputation of Genuine Detailers who provide the authentic service.
Express Detailing is useless and a waste of your hard-earned money; which is why we do not offer this service.

Genuine Detailing

  • Takes about a day or longer.
  • Exterior paint is gone over numerous times, in steps, to achieve a smooth, deep gloss, mirror-like finish, that is sealed and protected against contamination.
  • Interior, trunk area, all other areas thoroughly and painstakingly cleaned and restored to like-new condition.

Custom Detailing

Genuine Detailing with added extras:
  • Wheel Well Black-Out
  • Rocker Panel Painting
  • Wheel and Seat Removal
  • Ozone Treatment and Odor Removal
  • Any other requests to make vehicle as perfect as possible.

Detailing – Necessity or Luxury?

  • Two/four times a year for maximum protection to retain vehicle's value - necessity.
  • Every month - luxury.

Why Have Your Vehicle(s) Professionally Detailed?

Genuine Detailing Requires a Great Deal of Time
  • Spending time with our family and friends is probably the most important thing that we can do, especially in this day and age. After putting in a long, hard week at work, most people would rather spend their spare time with loved ones on the weekend instead of “trying to detail” their own vehicle.
Keep Your New Vehicle(s) Looking New
  • One of the reasons we buy or lease a vehicle is because we fall in love with it. We love the style and color, and the way it looks, smells and feels. The only way to stay in love with it is to keep it looking new with protection and maintenance. Do you really want to drive a dirty car that looks like heck? A detailed vehicle stays cleaner longer and don't you want to be seen in a clean vehicle? Did you spend a lot of money on a vehicle just to let it degrade?
Protecting a Large Outlay of Money and Preserving the Value of Your Vehicle(s)
  • A motor vehicle is usually the second largest purchase one makes in a lifetime. It's value will drop tremendously when the exterior paint degrades and the interior is neglected, so, maintenance is crucial. A properly detailed, maintained and protected vehicle will attract top dollar when traded in or sold. If you decide to sell it outright, it will sell more quickly because it will be more attractive to the buyer.
Genuine Detailing Requires a Lot of Elbow Grease
  • A tremendous amount of physical labor is needed to detail a vehicle. Most people don't have the capability and stamina to perform the dirty, painstaking task.
Genuine Detailing Requires Experience and Knowledge
  • An extensive knowledge of material, procedures, and products is needed to perform detailing. Buying products from a store or website, reading an article on detailing and then trying to do it yourself just won't cut it. Using the wrong products and methods can cause a great deal of damage, sometimes permanent, to a vehicle.

Remove the Grime ... Restore and Protect the Shine