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About Mark Of Perfection Auto Detailing in Bridgewater,
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An Important Message From the Owner

Because I Care...

I started this detail business full-time in September 1988, because I have the passion and the eye for detail. I have always strived and cared to do the very best work for my clients.
To this day, I still care. Avoiding detailing your vehicle is not an intelligent thing to do. Neglecting the vehicles that we pay so much for is pointless. Neglecting your vehicle causes irreparable damage and defeats the purpose of spending money on a new vehicle. What is the sense of buying or leasing a new vehicle if you are not going to keep it looking that way?
Having your vehicle detailed is not a luxury; it is preservation and maintenance. There are many things to consider when it comes to clients and their vehicles. I run my business with the belief that I should do the best job using the best products, so people receive quality and value. It seems like no one cares about the quality of their workmanship anymore. Not just in this business but almost all businesses.
I completely understand that not everyone thinks the same way or wants their car perfect. That is why I customize and personalize every detail to a client's expectations and budget. Having a streamlined detail with good protection applied to the exterior is better than just washing it or doing nothing at all.

“Take Pride in Your Ride” … “Protect It, Don't Neglect It”

Our Pledge to You

Mark of Perfection = Quality and Integrity

Customer Service and Satisfaction is Our Number 1 Priority You receive the highest quality and the best value here and I sincerely appreciate my clients and their continuing loyalty and patronage. Call us today and let us know how we can help you.
-Mark P. Porchik, Owner

Reasons You Should Choose Mark of Perfection™ to Detail, Protect and Maintain Your Vehicle?

  • Mark of Perfection™ is operated and work is performed by the owner.
  • Mark of Perfection™ combines the highest quality products and the work ethic, “Doing It Right the First Time,” assuring that your vehicle is detailed correctly and thoroughly. The finish will have no swirls or buffing marks and the interior will be as clean and spotless as possible.
  • Mark of Perfection™ is a Detailing Specialist and does not sell alarms, stereos, cell phones, rims, nor are we a used car lot.
  • Mark of Perfection™ offers: New paint sealing, lease turn-in cleanups and odor removal.
  • Mark of Perfection™ is fully insured and able to take care of any detailing needs of its clients.

Have Your Vehicles Detailed at Central New Jersey's Only Genuine Detail Specialist

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