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Auto Detailing and Cleaning in Bridgewater, New Jersey and surrounding areas

Whether you are frugal and just want your ride shaped up, a fanatic and want it perfect as possible, your vehicle needs a major overhaul or anything else in between, please call us so we can help you have a CLEAN, PROTECTED, EXTERIOR and a CLEAN, HEALTHY INTERIOR!
We offer an extensive selection of detailing packages and services aimed at transforming the look and appearance of your vehicle, to suit all requirements and budgets. Each of our packages and services can be tailored to fulfill your individual needs. Our aim is to be your first choice when choosing someone to improve and protect the appearance of your vehicle.
Red Sportscar — Auto Detailing in Bridgewater, NJ
Plain and Simple, if you bring your vehicle to us and let us perform the necessary work, your vehicle will look, smell and feel like new and the Paint Protection will be LONG LASTING. No one else will even come close to our results. Car washes, dealers, mobile and express services, DO NOT perform the work and utilize the products we do.
Having your vehicle detailed and protected is necessary maintenance. If paint is not cleaned and protected, it WILL degrade and irreparable damage WILL occur. If spills are not removed quickly they WILL set. We clean and detail the interior and exterior of your vehicle properly and thoroughly. We also kill germs and bacteria inside your vehicle, utilizing STEAM VAPOR.










We Also Provide Headlamp Restoration, Trim Restoration, Glass Treatments



Make the intelligent choice and bring you vehicle to MARK of PERFECTION for all your detailing needs.

  • We provide quality and value on all services.
  • We are not a glorified carwash and have always performed genuine detailing.
  • We do not believe in mobile or express detailing and using zip or express wax.
  • We have been in business for over 28 years with over 45 years of experience.
  • Ignoring your vehicle does not clean or protect it. Neglecting your vehicle will ruin it.
  • Washing your vehicle is important but washing will eventually remove protection and can damage the paint. Protection must be applied at regular intervals, to fortify the finish.
  • We use products that provide Maximum Protection. Our sealants and waxes provide Maximum Protection against contamination, UV rays, and Airborne Fallout.
Your vehicle is constantly bombarded with harmful paint contamination. It must be removed as soon as possible and the paint must always be protected to form a barrier against such contamination.
We can save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars by restoring your original paint finish, no repaint bill, no monthly car payments for replacing your vehicle.
We do not participate in mobile services.
A vehicle must be detailed in a climate controlled facility, out of the wind, with a proper ambient temperature. Mobile services are glorified carwashes using inferior express products.
Car Seat — Auto Interior Cleaning in Bridgewater, NJ
Swirls and buffing marks are not designs or decorative effects. We often see vehicles loaded with swirls and buffing marks. These are caused by inexperienced workers using the wrong products and techniques. Motor vehicles should not have swirls and buffing marks in the paint. We can remove this paint damage, whether caused by a carwash, dealer or a "so called" detailer.
The end result of a finished vehicle is our proof of quality and integrity. We do not make empty promises or false claims. We use the highest quality products available and the most technologically advanced detailing techniques. We are one of the leaders in this industry and one of the few who genuinely detail vehicles.

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